Spring into Health: Participate in the April Access to Medicines Days of Action

Urge Your Members of Congress:
Don’t Trade Away Global Access to Medicines!
Co-sponsor the Doha Resolution! (H.Res 525/S.Res241)

During the month of April, groups & individuals around the country will urge the United States Congress to support a new direction in U.S. trade policy that promotes developing country focused medical innovation and access to life-saving medicines.

WE NEED YOU to take action on “innovation and access” across the country by organizing your own “Spring into Health Day” anytime this April, when you will call, write or meet with your Senators and Representatives to ask them to co-sponsor the “Doha Resolution” (House Resolution 525/ Senate Resolution 241).

The Doha Resolutions (H.Res 525/S.Res 241) call on Congress to reaffirm the right of developing countries to provide affordable generic copies of lifesaving medicines to their citizens, and to acknowledge the importance of overcoming barriers to the development of new medical products for diseases that primarily affect people in developing countries.

Please get together with your student group, community organization, club, co-workers, family members or religious community to plan an event today!

To participate please contact Sarah Rimmington, Essential Action, [email protected] or 202-387-8030.

Tell Congress not to prioritize Big Pharma’s narrow commercial concerns over public health interests when negotiating trade agreements!

A poster, lobby meeting tip sheet, tips and sample letters for letter-writing campaigns, phone scripts for call-in days, and background materials on the Doha Resolution, are posted below.

Action Day Materials

Spring into Health: AprilDaysofActionposter.doc

Tips on Meeting with your Member of Congress:

Lobby Meeting Report Form: LobbyVisitReportForm.doc

Tips on Writing your Member of Congress:

Sample Letter to Congress:

Tips on Calling your Member of Congress (including phone script) … coming soon

For groups and organizations: Sample email Action Alert… coming soon

Doha Resolution Background Information

Fact Sheet: Why is the Doha Access to Medicines Resolution Important? WhytheDohaResolutionisImportantfactsheet.doc

Fact Sheet: How the United States is Undermining the Commitments Made to Public Health in Developing Countries in the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health

Detailed Backgrounder on the Doha Resolution

Text of the Doha Resolution

For additional information, including additional fact sheets and
press articles, see Essential Action’s Doha Resolution page, or contact Sarah Rimmington at 202-387-8030 or [email protected]