ACTA and the Drug Monopoly Enforcement Agenda: A windfall for big drug companies; higher medicine prices for all

The U.S., E.U., and key trading partners are negotiating an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). ACTA is one of several major new initiatives seeking, in part, to protect drug monopolies under the guise of fighting counterfeits. Much like a counterfeit, ACTA misrepresents its true ingredients to the public.

In a new fact sheet, Essential Action outlines some key concerns ACTA may pose, focusing on access to medicines. Then we recommend basic principles the United States and other countries should follow if they decide to continue participating in ACTA negotiations.

The concerns outlined in the fact sheet are:
– ACTA will keep medicine prices high
– ACTA threatens the generics industry
– ACTA fails to adequately address public health & safety concerns
– ACTA’s draft text is secret
– ACTA enforces private monopolies at public cost

Download a .pdf version of the fact sheet here: ACTAFactsheet.pdf
Download a .doc version of the fact sheet here: ACTAFactsheet.doc