Colombia HIV/AIDS drug campaign on youtube; radio documentary available now

Comunicación Positiva, a Colombian NGO that develops communication strategies for civic engagement and human rights, has produced a series of documentary audio programs and a video short covering the evolution of the HIV/AIDS compulsory license & access to medicines campaign in Colombia, 2008-2009. The Spanish-language series is entitled “For the right to health – no to patents!” (“Por el derecho a la salud – no a las patentes!”), and features interviews with about thirty activists, analysts and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Check out the video introduction (in spanish) on Youtube here.

To download a zip file (higher-resolution version also in spanish), click here.

To listen to the audio series (in spanish), visit this site.

The audio series (in spanish) is also available on CD from Comunicación Positiva. Contact: David Morales; [email protected]