Briefing Note: Pepfar, Generics, Price

by Robert Weissman
Essential Action

Pepfar has released its 2007 annual report to Congress. There’s a huge amount of information in the report.

Information on treatment provision is in chapter two. Through Sept 2006, Pepfar says it is providing support to 822,000 people receiving antiretroviral therapy.

The treatment chapter also contains important and useful information on Pepfar’s use of generics and pricing data, starting on page 67. Key points:

– Fourteen of 15 focus countries are said to be using some generics.

– Overall expenditure in FY 2006 for ARVs was just under $110 million, with about 27 percent of that spent on generics.

Comparison of brand-name vs. generic prices for combination therapies (page 72):

Brand-name: $701
Generic: $273

Brand-name: $606
Generic: $487

Brand-name: $594
Generic: $165

Brand-name: $498
Generic: $380