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Who is Essential Action?
Ideas for Days of Action and your own events

1. Take action at your local Shell station! Remember to hand them a letter explaining your outrage at Shell's activities in Nigeria, and your commitment to boycott Shell products until Shell addresses your concerns.

2.Street theater! During demonstrations and events act out Shell's exploitation of the Niger River Delta; the effects of drilling for oil on indigenous populations; Shell lining the pockets of Nigerian military with money; the effects of petroleum products and the automobile on the environment and the world.

3.Have a table on campus and get passers-by to sign a petition or write letters.

4.Start pressing your university to divest (sell its stock holdings) in Shell.

5.Get the student senate to pass a resolution stating support for a selective purchasing rule (saying your school won't buy Shell products).

6.Rename (permanently or temporarily) a street/building/common area after Ken Saro-Wiwa and hold activities throughout the day, such as reading Ken Saro-Wiwa's final statement to the military tribunal, showing Delta Force, etc.

7.Hold a poetry/essay/prose reading with writings by Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Authors and Poets writing about RESISTANCE, ENVIRONMENT, INDIGENOUS RIGHTS, INJUSTICE, HUMAN RIGHTS.

8.Hold a candle light vigil in remembrance of the Ogoni 9.

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