Guests 96

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Guests June 1995 - 1996        
Ajami, Fouad Director of Middle East Studies, Johns Hopkins University, CBS News     1
Albright, Madeleine US Ambassador to UN 1   1
Aldrich, Gary FBI agent and author of Clinton scandal book   1  
Alexander, Lamar Former Republican Gov. Tenn., GOP presidential candidate 1 1 2
Ambrose, Steven Nixon biographer   1  
Archer, Bill Rep. (R), TX, Chairman of Ways and Means Committee 1    
Armey, Dick Rep. (R), TX, Majority Leader 4 3 1
Bailey, F. Lee O.J. Simpson defense lawyer   1  
Baker, James Former Secretary of State   2 1
Barbour, Haley Chairman of Republican National Committee 2 1 2
Barr, Bob Rep. (R), GA 1    
Baucus, Max Sen. (D), MT     1
Bauer, Gary Family Research council     1
Bennet, Robert Clinton's lawyer   1 1
Bennet, William Empower America, Chairman of Alexander's campaign, Heritage Foundation 1 2 3
Ben-Veniste, Richard Defense Counsel Travelgate   1 1
Beschloss, Michael Historian     1
Bidden, Joseph Sen. (D), DE     1
Boehner, John Rep. (R), OH     1
Bonior, David Rep. (D), MI, House Minority Whip   1 2
Bradley, Bill Sen. (D), NJ, Finance Committee 3   1
Branstad, Terry Gov. (R), IA   1  
Breaux, John Sen. (D), LA 1   1
Buchanan, Angela Chairman Buchanan Campaign     2
Buchanan, Bay Chairman Buchanan Campaign 1    
Buchanan, Pat GOP presidential candidate 4 4 7
Bugliosi, Vincent Former LA Deputy District Attorney   1  
Bush, Jeb Republican activist and gubernatorial candidate     2
Califano, Joseph President Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse   1  
Campbell, Carroll Former Gov., SC, Chairman of Dole for President   1  
Cardinal Bernard Law of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston   1  
Carter, Stephen Author: Integrity     1
Carville, James Democratic political analyst 3    
Cheney, Dick Former Secretary of Defense     1
Chertoff, Michael Chief Republican Counsel for Whitewater hearings   1 2
Christopher, Warren Secretary of State 2 3 2
Clinger, William Rep. (R), PA   1 1
Coats, Dan Sen. (R), IN 1    
Cochran, Johnnie O.J. Simpson Lawyer 1   1
Cook, Charles author, The Cook Political Report 1    
Cramer, Richard Ben author: Bob Dole 2    
Cuomo, Mario Former Gov. (D), NY 1    
Dalton, John Secretary of the Navy   1  
D'Amato, Alfonse Sen. (R), NY, Chairman Banking Committee 1 3  
Daschle, Tom Sen. (D), SD, Minority Leader 4    
Dawson, Brennan VP, The Tobacco Institute   1  
Dean, John Nixon's White House Chief of Staff   1  
Deford, Frank Vanity Fair     1
DeLay, Tom Rep. (R), TX, Majority Whip 1 1  
Denoble, Victor Former scientist at Philip Morris   1  
Dewine, Mike Sen. (R), OH   1  
Digerova, Joseph Former US Attorney      
Diller, Barry Former President of Paramount, assisted creation of FOX   1  
Dodd, Christopher Sen. (D), CT, Chairman of Democratic Committee 2 1 2
Dole, Bob Sen. (R), KS, Senate Majority Leader, GOP Presidential candidate 3 5 4
Domenici, Pete Sen. (R), NM, Chairman of Budget Committee 3 1 2
Donahue, Thomas President AFL-CIO 1    
Dorgan, Byron Sen. (D), ND   1  
Dornan, Robert Rep. (R), CA 1    
Douglas, John FBI agent in UNAbomber investigation   1  
Drew, Elizabeth author, "Gingrich vs. Clinton" 1    
Duberstein, Kenneth Former White House Chief of Staff   1 1
Durbin, Dick Rep. (D), Il   1  
Eagleburger, Lawrence Former Secretary of State   1  
Engler, John Gov. (R), MI, Chairman Republican Governor's Association 1   1
Feinstein, Dianne Sen. (D), CA     1
Ferraro, Geraldine U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.   1  
Fithian, John Lawyer for Freedom to Advertise Coalition   1  
Forbes, Steve GOP presidential candidate 5 3 1
Fordice, Kirk Gov. (R), MS   1  
Fowler, Dan Chairman of Democratic National Committee 1    
Frank, Barney Rep. (D), MA     1
Franks, Gary Rep. (R), CT 1    
Friday, Joe Director of the National Weather service   1  
Friedman, Jeffrey Investigator Genetics, Rockefeller University     1
Frist, Bill Sen. (R), TN, Budget Committee 1    
Fyfe, James Criminologist Professor     1
Gates, Daryl Chief of LAPD   1  
George, Joulwan NATO Supreme Commander     1
Gephardt, Richard Rep. (D), MO, Minority leader 4 1 1
Gingrich, Newt Rep. (R), GA, Speaker of the House 3 2 1
Goldstein, Gerald National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers      
Goodwin, Doris Kearns historian     1
Gorden, Phillip National Institute of Health     1
Gordon, Bart Rep. (D), TN   1  
Gore, Al Vice President 1 1 1
Gorelick, Jamie Deputy Attorney General     1
Gramm, Phil Sen. (R), TX, Budget Committee, GOP Presidential candidate 3 4 3
Groves, Florence author who uncovered Senator Packwood sex scandal 1    
Giuliani, Rudolph Mayor of NY     1
Guinier, Lani Law Professor of the University of Penn.     1
Hamilton, Lee Rep. (D), IN   1  
Hatch, Orrin Sen. (R), UT     2
Helligs, Ernest Sen. (D), SC, Former Chairman Budget Committee 1    
Hinson, David Federal Aviation Administration   1  
Holbrooke, Richard Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs 2 1  
Hutchinson, Kay Bailey Sen. (R), TX 1   1
Ickes, Harold Deputy White House Chief of Staff     1
Indyk, Martin US Ambassador to Israel     1
Jackson, Jesse President of National Rainbow Coalition 1 1 2
Jasinowski, Jerry President National Association of Manufacturers   1 1
Jenkins, Brian Kroll Associates     1
Jordan, Lewis President and Chairman Valujet Airlines   1  
Kasich, John Rep. (R), OH, Chairman Budget Committee 5 2 1
Keene, David Chairman American Conservative Union     1
Kemp, Jack Former Secretary HUD 1    
Kendall, David Lawyer for Hillary Clinton   1  
Kennedy, Edward M. Sen. (D), MA, Labor and Human Resources Committee 1    
Kerry, Bob Sen. (D), NE, Chairman of Democratic Campaign Committee 1 2  
Kerry, John F. Sen. (D), MA 1    
Kessler, David Commissioner of the FDA   1  
Kissinger, Henry Former Secretary of State   1 1
Kraft, Robert Owner, New England Patriots   1  
Lake, Anthony National Security Adviser   2 1
Lamm, Richard Reform Party presidential candidate     1
Leach, Jim Rep. (R), IA     1
Leahy, Patrick Sen. (D), VT   1 1
Leiberman, Joseph Rep. (D), CT 2 1  
Lewis, Ann Deputy Campaign Manager for Clinton's reelection   1  
Limbaugh, Rush radio talk show host 1    
Lott, Trent Sen. (R), MS, Majority Whip 3 2 3
Luger, Richard G. Sen. (R), IN, GOP presidential candidate 1 2  
Mack, John President of LA Urban League   1  
Matalin, Mary Republican political analyst 3    
McCain, John Sen. (R), AZ, Armed Services Committee, Dole Campaign Advisor 2 1 3
McCollum Rep. (R), FL     1
McEntee, Gerald President of the American Federation of Employees   1  
McIntosh, David Rep (R), IN   1  
Meridor, Dan Israeli Knesset member of the Likud Party   1  
Merrill, Steve Gov. (R), NH, Chairman Dole's Campaign 1 1 3
Mfume, Kweisi Rep. (D), Black Caucus 1 1  
Mixner, David Gay Rights activist     1
Molinari, Susan Rep. (R), NY   1 1
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Sen. (D), NY, Finance Committee 2 2 2
Murnion, Nick Garfield County Attorney     1
Murphy, Mike Chief Consultant to Alexander's Campaign 1    
Murray, Patty Sen. (D), WA     1
Nader, Ralph consumer advocate and Green Party presidential candidate 1    
Nash, General William Commander Task Force Eagle (Bosnia) 1    
Netanyahu, Benjamin Chairman of the Israeli Likud party   1  
Neuman, Mark W. Rep. (R), WI 1    
Nickles, Don Sen. (R), OK, Budget Committee 1    
Nunn, Sam Sen. (D), GA, Ranking Democrat of Armed Services Committee 1   2
Olson, Norman Commander, North Michigan Militia     1
Packwood, Bob Sen. (R), OR     1
Paler, Professor Richard Harvard University      
Panetta, Leon White House Chief of Staff 3 4 7
Parsons, John Tri-states Militias   1  
Patrick, Deval US Department of Justice, Assistant Attorney General of Civil Rights   1  
Pena, Federico Secretary of Transport     1
Peres, Shimon Prime Minister of Israel   1  
Perot, Ross Reform Party 2   1
Perry, William J. Secretary of Defense 2 2 1
Quinn, Jack White House Counsel   1  
Rabitovich, Itamer Israeli Ambassador 1   1
Rangel, Charles Rep. (D), New York, Ways and Means Committee 2   1
Reed, Ralph Executive Director of Christian Coalition   2 4
Reeves, Richard author     2
Reich, Robert Secretary of Labor   1  
Reiner, Rob Motion picture director 1    
Reno, Janet Attorney General of US 1    
Revell, Oliver Former Associate Deputy Director FBI     1
Richardson, Jerry Owner, Carolina Panthers   1  
Riulin, Alice Director of Office of Management and Budget 1    
Robb, Chuck Sen. (D), Virginia   1  
Rollins, Ed GOP Strategist     1
Roner, Roy Gov. (D), CO 1    
Rose, Charlie Rep. (D), NC   1 1
Rostenkowski, Dan Rep. (D), Il   1  
Rubin, Robert E. Secretary of the Treasury 2 4 1
Rudman, Warren Concord Coalition     1
Russel, Mark political satirist 1    
Rustigan, Mike Criminologist, San Francisco State University     1
Sabo, Martin Rep. (D), MN, Budget Committee 1    
Samuelson, Robert author   1  
Santorum, Rick Sen. (R), PA 1    
Savir, Uri Israeli Foreign Minister   1  
Scaverott, Brent Former National Security Advisor to Bush 1    
Schafly, Phyllis National Co-Chair of Buchanan for President   1  
Schiavo, Mary Inspector General of Federal Department of Transportation   1  
Schmoke, Kurt Mayor of Baltimore   1  
Schroder, Patricia Rep. (D), CO   1 2
Schumer, Charles Rep. (D), NY, Crime Subcommittee 2   1
Sessions, William Former Director FBI   1  
Sha'Ath, Nabil PLO Ministry in Gaza   1  
Shalala, Donna Secretary of Health and Human Services   1  
Shalikashvili, John General, Chairman Joint Chiefs of staff   1 1
Shays, Christopher Rep. (R), CT   1  
Simpson, Alan Sen. (R), WY     1
Smith, Bob Sen. (R), NH 1    
Smith, Linda Rep. (R), WA 1    
Snowe, Olympia Sen. (R), ME     1
Specter, Arlen Sen. (R), PA, GOP presidential candidate 1   1
Spence, Gary Attorney for Randy Weaver     1
Stephanopoulous, George Senior White House Adviser   1  
Stern, Kenneth author: A Force upon the Plain     2
Sweeney, John Candidate for President of AFL-CIO 1    
Talbott, Strob Deputy Secretary of State   1  
Thompson, Fred Sen. (R), TN   1  
Thompson, Tommy Gov. (R), WI     1
Thornburgh, Dick Former Attorney General, UNAbomber investigation   1  
Trochman, John Montana Militia   1  
Tyson, Laura Chairman National Economic Counsel     2
Uelmen, Gerald Defense Lawyer for OJ   1  
Wachs, Joel Mayor of LA   1  
Wamp, Zack Rep. (R), TN 1    
Warner, John Sen. (R), VA 1    
Watts, J.C. Rep. (R), OK 2    
Waxman, Henry Rep, (D), CA   1 2
Webster, William Former Director FBI   1  
Weicker Jr., Lowell P Former Gov. CT. 1    
Weld, William Gov. (R), MI     1
Whitman, Christie Todd Gov. (R), NJ 1    
Wilder, Douglas Former Governor, (D), VA   1  
Williams, Willie LA Police chief     1
Wilson, Pete Gov. (R), CA, GOP presidential candidate   1 3
Woodson, Robert Center for Neighborhood Enterprise 1    
Yepsen, David The Des Moines Register     1
Yergin, Daniel Author of book about oil-greed   1  
Zellif, Bill Rep. (R), NH, Chairman Waco Hearings 1 1  
Total   139 147 150