Guests 99

    Meet the Press This Week Face the Nation
Guests June 1999 - Dec 1999        
Albright, Madeleine Secretary of State   1 1
Alexander, Lamar GOP presidential candidate 1    
Armey, Dick Rep. (R), TX, Majority Leader 1    
Baker, James National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration     1
Baldridge, Letitia Social Secretary at Kennedy White House     1
Barbour, Haley Chairman of Republican National Committee     2
Bauer, Gary GOP presidential contender 1 1 2
Bayh Rep. (D), IN   1  
Bennet, William Empower America, Heritage Foundation 2   1
Bethume, Gordon CEO of Continental Airlines   1  
Berger, Sandy National Security Advisor 1 2 1
Blackwell, Kenneth Ohio Secretary of State     1
Bradley, Bill Democratic presidential candidate 3 4 1
Brazile, Donna Gore's campaign manager     1
Breaux, John Sen. (D), LA   2 1
Buchanan, Pat Reform Party presidential candidate 4 1 3
Burton, Dan Rep. (R), IN 2   1
Bush, Barbara Bush's mother   1  
Bush, George W. GOP presidential candidate 1 2  
Bush, Laura Bush's wife   1  
Cadell, Michael Davidian family attorney   1  
Carter, Stephen Author: Integrity     1
Chafee, John Sen. (R), RI 1    
Chastain, Brandi US Women's soccer player 1 1  
Choate, Pat Ross Perot's former running mate     1
Clark, Wesley Former NATO Supreme Allied commander 1 1  
Cohen, Abby Joseph Goldman and Sachs analyst     1
Cohen, William Secretary of Defense 1    
Coverdall, Paul Sen. (R), GA 1    
Daley, William Secretary of Commerce 1   1
D'Amato, Alfonse Sen. (R), NY, Chairman Banking Committee 1    
Danforth, John Former Sen. (R), MO 1 1 1
Daschle, Tom Sen. (D), SD, Minority Leader 1 1 2
Deaver, Michael former Deputy Chief of Staff for Reagan 1    
DeLay, Tom Rep. (R), TX, Majority Whip 1 2  
De Varona, Donna Chairwoman of World Cup   1  
Dickens, Nancy President American Medical Associations     1
Dole, Elizabeth GOP Presidential candidate 1   1
Domenici, Pete Sen. (R), NM, Chairman of Budget Committee     1
Dyson, Esther Internet expert     1
Engler, John Gov. (R), MI, Chairman Republican Governor's Association     1
Erving, Julius retired basketball player     1
Fahmy, Nabil Egyptian Ambassador   1  
Feinstein, Dianne Sen. (D), CA     1
Feldman, Sandra President American Federation of Teachers 1   1
Ferraro, Geraldine U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. 1 1  
Fitzwater, Martin former Deputy Press Secretary for Reagan 1    
Forbes, Steve GOP presidential candidate 1 1 2
Fosella, Vito Rep. (R), NY 1 1  
Fowler, Tillie Rep, (R), FL     1
Franks, Lucila Talk Magazine 1 1  
Gargan, Jack Chairman-elect of Reform party 1    
Garvey, Jane Administrator of the FAA   1  
Gellman, Rabbi Moore Rabbi     1
Gephardt, Richard Rep. (D), MO, Minority leader   2 1
Glickman, Dan Secretary of Agriculture     1
Goodwin, Jim CEO of United Airlines   1  
Gore, Al Vice President 2 3 1
Gore, Tipper Gore's wife   1  
Gould, Stephen Jay biologist     1
Graham, Bob Sen. (D), FL     1
Graham, Lindsay Rep. (R), SC     1
Gramm, Phil Sen. (R), TX, GOP Presidential candidate   3 1
Grunwald, Mandy Hillary Clinton campaign manager 1    
Guiliani, Rudolph Mayor of NY 1 1  
Guiterez, Luis Rep. (D), IL 1    
Guyers, John Gov. (D), MI 1    
Hagel, Chuck Rep. (R), NE 1    
Hastert, Dennis Rep. (R), IL, Speaker of the House   1 1
Hatch, Orrin Sen. (R), UT, GOP presidential candidate 3 1 2
Herbold, Bob Microsoft Chief Operating Office   1  
Hollings, Ernest Sen. (D), SC 1    
Hughes, Karen Press Secretary for Bush campaign 1    
Hull, Jim Director National Transportation Board 1    
Hutchinson, Asa Rep. (R), AR     1
Ickes, Harold Hillary Clinton's top advisor     1
Isaacson, Walter Time Magazine 1    
Jackson, Jesse President of National Rainbow Coalition   1  
Jackson, Phil NBA coach   1  
Jarrell, Jerry Head of National Weather Center     1
Johnson, Gary Gov. (R), NM 1    
Kasich, John Rep. (R), OH, GOP presidential contender 1 1  
Keating, Frank Gov. (R), OK   1  
Kelly, Robert Director of Aviation for Port Authority   1  
Kerry, John F. Sen. (D), MA 1    
Keyes, Alan GOP presidential contender 1 1  
Klein, Joel Assistant Attorney General 1 1  
Koch, Ed Former Mayor of New York   1  
Lahood, Ray Rep. (R), IL     1
Larrabee, Richard US Coast Guard 1 2 1
Lazio, Rick Rep. (R), NY 1    
Leahy, Patrick Sen. (D), VT   1 1
Leiberman, Joseph Rep. (D), CT     1
Lott, Trent Sen. (R), MS, Majority Whip 1   1
Markey, Edward Rep. (D), MA   1  
McCain, Cindy McCain's wife   1  
McCain, John Sen. (R), AZ, GOP presidential contender 3 3 3
McCarthy, Carolyn Rep. (D), NY   2  
McConnell, Mitch Sen. (R), KY 3 2 2
Meese, Edwin Former Reagan Attorney General 1    
Monroe, Earl Retired NBA player   1  
Moore, Thomas author: Care of the Soul   1  
Morris, Edward author: Dutch 1    
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Sen. (D), NY, Finance Committee 2    
Nichols, Jim Chairman of the Republican National Committee 1    
Nickles, Don Sen. (R), OK, Budget Committee     1
Podesta, John White House Chief of Staff 2 2 1
Powell, Colin Retired General 1 1  
Pryce, Deborah Rep. (R), OH.   1  
Quayle, Dan GOP presidential contender 1 1 1
Quinn, Jack Gore advisor     1
Rangel, Charles Rep. (D), NY, Ways and Means Committee 1 1 1
Redmond, Paul Former Director of the CIA 1    
Reed, Ralph Executive Director of Christian Coalition     1
Reed, Willis Former NBA player   1  
Richardson, Bill Secretary of Energy 1    
Ricks, Bob Former FBI special agent   1  
Robertson, Oscar retired basketball player     1
Robertson, Pat President Christian Coalition   1 1
Rudman, Warren Concord Coalition 2   1
Russel, Mark political satirist 1    
Sage, Byron chief Waco investigator 1    
Santorum, Rick Sen. (R), PA     1
Schumer, Charles Rep. (D), NY, Crime Subcommittee 1 1 1
Sessions, Jeff Rep. (R), AL   1  
Shalala, Donna Secretary of Health and Human Services 1   1
Shea, James NATO spokesman   1  
Shelton, Henry Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff 1    
Shrum, Robert advisor and friend of Kennedy family     1
Sperling, Gene Chairman of the Economic Council 1    
Starr, Kenneth Former Independent Counsel 1    
Summers, Lawrence Treasury Secretary 1    
Sweeney, John Candidate for President of AFL-CIO     1
Torricelli, Robert Sen. (D), NJ 1 1  
Trulock, Notra Energy Department official   1  
Trump, Donald real estate investor 1    
Tyson, Laura Chairman National Economic Counsel      
Ventura, Jesse Gov. MN, Reform Party 2 1 1
Verney, Russell Chair Reform Party 1    
Wellstone, Paul Sen. (D), MN 1    
West, Cornell Harvard professor     1
White, Reggie NFL football player 1    
Wolf, Naomi Gore campaign advisor   1  
Wolfe, Tom author     1