Philip Morris attacks "Truth"

May 2002

A good measure of how worthwhile a tobacco control initiative is has always been the intensity of the tobacco industry's reaction to it. Earlier this year, the Florida Department of Health launched a new
series of "Truth" ads which expose the tobacco industry's misdeeds outside the U.S. Philip Morris recently sent a letter to the Florida Department of Health calling the ads "misleading" and requesting that the television ads be pulled -- a clear sign that the ads are effective*! (the DOH has wisely ignored the PM letter)

To read Philip Morris' letter to the Florida Department of Health:

Text version:

Philip Morris' attempt to kill the "Truth" appears to have backfired. Many journalists have taken the opportunity to further lambaste the company for aggressively targeting youth around the world. See below for an article about the letter, followed by two excellent editorials.

TAKE ACTION: Florida's "Truth" ads are an excellent example of how the tobacco industry's misdeeds in one country can be used to discredit the industry in another. We encourage everyone to think of creative ways of incorporating examples of outrageous tobacco industry practices from abroad into your local projects and campaigns. Philip Morris obviously doesn't like the tactic, which is all the more reason to employ it!

Let's shine a light on Big Tobacco's global "corporate irresponsibility"!

* In Florida, Philip Morris was recently exposed as the sole funder ($360,000) of the "Committee for Responsible Solutions," an industry front group that has been fighting a ballot measure to ban smoking in indoor public places. In targeting "Truth," Philip Morris may have also sought to divert attention away from this damaging disclosure.


TRUTH? Cigarette giant claims South Florida agency's anti-smoking campaign is factually incorrect
by Jacqueline Charles
The Palm Beach Post
Apr. 12, 2002

EDITORIAL: Big Tobacco takes on 'Truth'
Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal
Apr 16, 2002

Smoked Out -Philip Morris hits a new low with attack on 'Truth' Editorial
by Vincent Coppola
May 06, 2002

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