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Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control

Tobacco Industry "Youth Smoking Prevention" Programs

It’s Your Choice -- Notice the youth’s arms reaching upwards towards the “forbidden”
cigarette. August 2000.
Source: Revaz Tataradze, Georgian Medical Association

BAT-Russia Program Website -- A large-scale campaign "against the sale of cigarettes to minors" conducted by the four biggest tobacco companies operating in Russia, BAT Russia, JRI, Reemtsma and Philip Morris is underway in 63 Russian largest cities.

Smoking? I don't have the time! -- Each ad depicts kids involved in some sort of extra-curricular activity (sports, singing, etc.). Nikolayev, October 2001
Source: Lisa Houston, Peace Corps Volunteer.

Philip Morris U.S.A. wants the public to know that they want kids to “understand that smoking is not "cool."

Philip Morris "Think. Don’t Smoke" book covers:
I have better things to do! – How many cigarette look-a-likes can you find in this graphic? Also, note the position of the soccer player’s hand and the number on his jersey.
Don’t wipe out – The snowboard and the background clouds and sky look like a lighted match.
Reflect Confidence – The sun in the middle is silver and reflective
What to do – About what? This cover is stressful just to look at. We wouldn’t be surprised if it encouraged students to smoke.
Cigarettes? Who’s got time for mistakes? – Glowing moon looks like the end of a cigarette and the clouds and stars like smoke and ash.


Philip Morris International’s website cites“outstanding” youth programs in Poland, the Dominican Republic, and Japan.

BAT's website has a similar spin. Go to On the left column click on "What we believe," then "About marketing." Scroll down and click on "action programmes against under-age smoking." The titles of the programs say it all: "It's the Law" (Australia); "Young People Can Say No!" & "Sell Cigarettes to Children? Not Me!" (Belgium); "I Made My Choice" (Uzbekistan); "La Ley Manda" (Guatemala).