Youth advocates from around the country and world are planning
advocacy events around the 2007 Altria shareholder meeting

Scenes from events around the 2006 Altria shareholder meeting

Participating Groups:
Youth Extinguishing Tobacco Team (AR) • Communities Under Siege/Ursa Institute (CA) • Allen Ortiz Consulting (NC) • Match Coalition (CT)
Essential Action's Global
Partnerships for Tobacco Control (DC) • REAL (HI) • Just Eliminate Lies (IA) • reACT! (MT)
REBEL (NJ) • No Limits (NE) • Dover Youth to Youth (NH) • Reality Check (NY) • stand (OH) • GYAT Network (international)

Stay tuned for a full report!

In the meantime, contact for more information:

Anna White, Essential Action
[email protected], 202-413-9656

morning of April 26:
Nikki Palmieri, Allen Ortiz Consulting