DHHS Demo - Feb 12, 2003

1) George Bush/ Tommy Thompson/ Ken Bernard, You Should Know
Not To Work for Big Tobacco

2) Tommy Thompson Get A Clue
Saving Lives is Easy to Do
Health Before Wealth
Need Before Greed
Support a Strong FCTC

3) Five Million Dead, That's the Toll
From the Killer Work of Big Tobacco

4) Stop Fronting for Camel, Kool, and Marlboro Light
Promote Public Health -- Do What's Right

5) Billions Sold
Millions Dead
Stop the Killing!

6) A Sorry Tale of Influence and Greed
U.S. Supports Trade Over Public Health Need!

7) U.S., U.S. Don't Take Philip Morris cash
The world doesn't need Big Tobacco's ash

8) Kenneth Bernard
Don't turn your cheek
We want a strong treaty
I n Geneva next week

9) Who's the world's #1 Marlboro Man?
George W is the world's #1 Marlboro Man!

A hundred countries want to be smoke- free
Don' t block the FCTC!

11) George W, still so greedy?
Must be so if you block this health treaty

12) U.S., U.S., Rich and Rude
We don't like your attitude

13) George W., Don't Ignore
The devasting death rate that you'll make soar
If you turn your back to the FCTC,
Accomplice to Big Tobacco that's what you'll be!

14) People over Profits

15) Hey Hey Ho Ho Tobacco advertising's got to go!
…Big Tobacco's got to go!
…The Marlboro Man's got to go! etc…

16) Philip Morris
What do you say?
How many people
Have you killed today?

17) Dubya, Dubya
What do you say?
How much tobacco money
Have you taken today?

18) Won't put health over trade treaties?
Then get your ash out of the FCTC!