A Fashionable Way to Support
Global Tobacco Control Efforts...

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is certainly true when it comes to monitoring the tobacco industry's marketing and promotional efforts around the world. We would like to step up our efforts to document what the industry is up to abroad, by distributing used cameras to tobacco control advocates in low-income countries.

Our goal is to distribute the first batch of used cameras to global partners attending the 12th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (August 3-8, 2003), along with film, tips for taking effective photos, and some money for processing.

Not only will these photos enhance our international colleagues' advocacy efforts at home, they will directly benefit our efforts in the U.S. to expose the tobacco industry for what it really is. Some photos really "say it all"...

Free cigarette distribution to young women (Romania)
Marlboro baby clothes (Senegal)
Benson & Hedges concert (India)

We need to collect more photos like these! Towards that end, Essential Action is launching a fundraiser to cover the costs of purchasing and distributing photographic equipment to tobacco control groups abroad. For just $20, we'll send you a super-fashionable "Revoke the License to Kill" t-shirt. Check it out:

Promotional Example #1
Promotional Example #2

We think you'll agree that this t-shirt is perfect attire for tobacco control conferences and rallies, a great gift for your colleagues, and ideal for mischievous fun (e.g. freaking out tobacco industry lobbyists at public hearings!).

It's simple: the more t-shirts you purchase, the more used cameras we will be able to distribute, and the better we'll be able to monitor what the tobacco industry is up to around the world. Extra bonus: every time you wear the t-shirt you'll be a walking counter-advertisement!

We are currently taking orders for t-shirts (click on "order form" below). So that we know how many t-shirts to have made, we would appreciate it if you sent us your completed order forms and checks to us no later than JUNE 20, 2003.

Please spread the word about this fundraiser to your tobacco control networks!