® By Kirvia J. Ubri

How unsatisfying
To see you denying
The tactics you strategize
When you try to hypnotize,
Youth's minds you utilize
To profit from your lies.

How distasteful that you claim
It is not youth you wish to attain
Then you turn and advertise
Right in front of our eyes
You apprise, normalize, glamorize,
Then object to recognize
How you poison our lives!!

The fatal products you create
Are the targets we wish to eliminate
And the youth you now see congregate
You will no longer manipulate
because we will not tolerate.

We are here to expose the Reality.
You will no longer use our individuality
Or take advantage of undeveloped seeds
And in order to conquer them use your greed.
To deceive them satisfy their needs
by promising a life free of stress
while decreasing their time from less to less.

Putting your profit before our health
In order to continue increasing your wealth
Neglecting a major public health situation
Which right before your eyes is affecting our nation.

We need a strong treaty to impact worldwide
And to no less than that will we abide.

This poem was performed by Kirvia Ubri at a demonstration against the U.S. sabotaging of an international tobacco control treaty -- on behalf of Philip Morris (United Nations - August 1, 2002). Ubri is a teen member of the New York youth empowerment program Reality Check (Bronx Chapter).