Philip Morris Annual Meeting of Stockholders
April 25, 2002

1. A is for Addiction
    L is for Lots of Lies
    T is for Tobacco
    R is for Ruthless/Ridiculous
    I is for Insane/Inhumane
    A is for Assassin

   What does is spell? ALTRIA!
   What's the new name of death? ALTRIA!

2. Philip Morris - What do you say?
    How many people have you killed today??

3. Hey Hey Ho Ho
    Tobacco advertising's got to go!

… Cigarette hand-outs have got to go!
… Political influence has got to go!
… Bogus youth programs have got to go!
… Tobacco transnationals have got to go!
… Merchants of Death have got to go!
… Secondhand smoke's got to go!
… Marlboro girls have got to go!
… the Marlboro Man's got to go!
… Sports sponsorship has got to go!
…Tobacco terrorism's got to go!

4. Philip Morris - You can't hide!
    We charge you with genocide!


5. Philip Morris - How low will you go..
    To continue sowing death -
    everywhere you go?!

6. Human need, not corporate greed

7. People over profits.

8. Philip Morris, Altria - it's all the same
    Killing people 'round the world is the game!

9. You target us -
    We target you!

10. What's in a name? ALTRIA
      A - L - T - R - I - A
      Switch them around & what do you get?
      L - I - A - R - LIAR!
      T - A - R - TAR!
      R - A - T - RAT! (as in rat poisoning)
      A - I - L - AIL! (as in ailment)
      T - R - I - A - L - TRIAL!
      DEATH - that's what ALTRIA spells!

11. New name - same shame!

12. Philip Morris - you've made an error
     A new name won't hide your tobacco terror!

13. Philip Morris, you've earned billions
      Hurting, maiming, killing millions!

Essential Action
Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control

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