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Campaign to stop World Bank Group funding of incineration

Bankrolling Polluting Technology: The World Bank Group and Incineration

MEDIA RELEASE: World Bank Finances Polluting Incinerators, Flounts International Law (Sept. 25, 2002)

14 Countries Release Bankrolling Polluting Technology

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Inventory of Projects Promoting Incineration in 68 Countries

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Around the world, grassroots and policy organizations are campaigning to stop the World Bank Group from financing incineration. Incineration is a dangerous, costly, and unsustainable method of treating waste. For more on the problems of and alternatives to waste incineration, visit the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA). Essential Action is a member of GAIA.

Despite copious evidence of the problems of incineration and positive alternatives, the World Bank Group continues to finance incineration projects and endorse incineration in its publications. The World Bank Group has proposed at least 158 incineration projects in 68 countries in the last ten years, and 21 since 2001. To find out if your country is host to a World Bank Group incineration project, or to learn more about the World Bank Group's continued support for incineration and its implications for public health and the global environment, read Essential Action's latest report, Bankrolling Polluting Technology: The World Bank Group and Incineration.

More on the World Bank Group and Incineration: Previously released documents and correspondence


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