Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control
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Action of the Month

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• May: World No Tobacco Day 2002  
• May:

Stop Big Tobacco from Undermining "Smoke-Free" World Cup 2002  
• April: Monitoring Tobacco Industry Promotional Events  
• March Don't Let Philip Morris Hide Behind a New Name UPDATE

• February:

3rd International Week of Resistance to Tobacco Transnationals  


• September: Make a Poster for National Conf. 2001 UPDATE
• August: Int'l Public Health Over Wal-Mart Profits!  
• July: Maximize Impact of PM's Czech Study  
• June: Sleuthing Big Tobacco's Global Trail  
• May: Kicking Big Tobacco Out of Sports  
• April: WNTD: Tapping U.S. Embassy Support  
• March: Tobacco Industry "Anti-Tobacco" Youth Programs UPDATE
• January/February: "Point of Purchase" Tobacco Marketing  


• December: Philip Morris External Research Program  

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Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control

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