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April 28, 2004

April 29, 2004

April 29, 2004
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Photo credit: Youth Leadership Institute

2003-2004 WORLD TOUR!

Marlboro Girls (Malaysia, 2004)

What has Philip Morris, aka Altria, been up to around the world in the last year? At a youth advocacy training the day before Altria’s 2004 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, speakers from around the world took the audience on a tour...

Where is Ukraine?

Daria Semenova, a 16-year-old youth advocate based in Ukraine, gave a presentation on Philip Morris’ marketing campaigns in her corner of the world

A l-o-o-o-o-ng billboard featuring “Marlboro Country”

A promotional flyer for the Bond Street brand, featuring a sports car

L&M sweepstakes: Win a computer, television, boombox, CDs, and other items popular with youth: 1, 2

…all you have to do is turn in some L&M packs and your personal information: 1, 2

L&M billboards featuring young people from around the world: 1, 2

L&M promotional flyer featuring young people from around the world: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Marlboro promo (again personal info requested): 1, 2

Philip Morris, of course, wants everyone (especially legislators) to think it is a “responsible” corporation, so it has launched a “youth smoking prevention” program in Ukraine, featuring the lame line “Smoking? I’ve got better things to do!”

…like use the computer
…fall on my butt while playing soccer (this image speaks for itself!)
…and play ping pong!

But this school book cover featuring a Marlboro Formula 1 racing car exposes Philip Morris’ true intentions!

Source of photos: Daria Semenova
Note: A few of the above examples are pre-2003

Where is Malaysia?

Ken Dahlgren, an adult coordinator for Reality Check (USA-NY), next took the audience to Malaysia, and presented photos taken of Marlboro promotions around the recent Formula 1 race in Kuala Lumpur.

The entryway to the Regenerate Red Zone Party, sponsored by Marlboro at the KL Tower (3/20/04)

Hot wheels at the Regenerate Red Zone Marlboro party

Marlboro Speed Zone featuring interactive games and activities, accompanied by the Marlboro girls at the Regenerate Red Zone Marlboro party

Souvenir stand...courtesy of Marlboro

Of course, plenty of cigarettes available...

Marlboro girls and their deadly wares: 1, 2

A young boy branded by Marlboro

Trackside advertising

Marlboro even branded the trashcans!

Source of photos: Katy Pezzimenti

Where is Thailand?

Dr. Hatai Chitanondh, President of the Thailand Health Promotion
Institute, then told the audience told several tales about Philip
Morris’ activities in Thailand, including the company’s efforts to
scuttle Thailand’s new graphic warning labels. [Photo 2]

A photo of an L&M pack of cigarettes

Source of photos (in order): Shawn Carney, Daria Semenova, Ken Dahlgren

Where is Sri Lanka?

Next it was on to Sri Lanka, where a photo of this Marlboro cell phone cover was recently taken. Source of photo: Manjari Peiris

Where is Palau?

Dr. Caleb Otto, Palau delegate to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, then gave a brief account of Palau’s efforts to challenge Philip Morris’ marketing efforts and champion a strong FCTC. Photo credit: Shawn Carney

Where is Senegal?

Next, Moustapha Drame, a 25-year-old youth tobacco control advocate from Senegal, and Anna White (Essential Action) took the audience to the Western tip of the African continent, where Philip Morris is alive, well, and thriving.

A recent Marlboro poster announcing sweepstake winners of a boombox, watches, etc

A billboard featuring two cowboys in “Marlboro Country”

A Dakar storefront painted in Marlboro’s red and white colors by Philip Morris

Marlboro trucks are everywhere in Dakar: 1, 2, 3

A Senegalese youth displays Marlboro baby clothing from West Africa

A Marlboro cell phone (hmmm, didn’t we see that in Sri Lanka?)

Senegalese youth march by a Marlboro billboard

Sources of photos: Shawn Carney, Anna White & Jessica Harvey

Where is Benin?

Next, the audience traveled to Benin, where Anna White (Essential Action) recently visited and documented Philip Morris advertising, such as…

Two children standing in front of a Marlboro cigarette stand

Two restaurants sponsored by Marlboro: 1, 2

A billboard featuring the ubiquitous Marlboro Man

And Bernard Dossou Dossa of Que Choisir Benin holding up Marlboro baby clothing sold in the local market

Where is Niger?

And just next door in Niger, Philip Morris sells “VISA” cigarettes


Also in West Africa, just as in Ukraine, Philip Morris markets its Bond Street cigarette brand. This billboard in Sierra Leone shows Africans mingling with sophisticated-looking people of European descent and features the slogan “Everyone’s Darling – Bond Street, For Those Who Know.” Source of photo: Joy Spencer

Where is Zimbabwe?

Traveling to thousands of kilometers to a different part of Africa, the audience viewed this photo that a colleague in Zimbabwe took of two young children (grade 2, about 7 years) waiting at a school bus stop. One is wearing a Marlboro backpack. Source of photo: Jephat Chifamba

Where is Colombia?

Moving on to South America, Sebastian Cortes, a high school exchange student from Colombia, told the audience about tobacco promotions targeting youth in his country. Source of photo: Youth Leadership Institute

Where is Uruguay?

The tour ended in Uruguay, where Philip Morris has been advertising “Marlboro Red Racing School” with promotional flyers featuring the Marlboro Formula 1 racing car: 1, 2

…and again
a detailed form to fill out with your personal information!

Philip Morris has also been heavily promoting its “youth smoking prevention” program featuring store signs that say cigarettes aren’t sold to minors under age 18.

Source of photos: Adriana Menendez

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Marlboro = TRASH (Malaysia)
For once, an appropriate use of the corporate brand!

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